2.1ch Multimedia Speaker
Luxurious speaker with high gloss piano black and modern design.
High qualiy tweeter and mid range driver installed
for sound experience closest to live.
Experience power bass sound through
4” woofer driver and bass reflex system.
A bass reflex or vented speaker enclosure
increases or reinforces bass response by using the
sound from the back of the speaker cone.
Unlike a low cost speaker it is a speaker with thick
MDF enclosure that allows rich clear sound output.

Magnetic shielded driver unit prevents other
electronic devices from magnetic field damage.
Side volume/bass control & headphone port designed for your convenience.
Vibration, slide proof pad applied.
Subwoofer 4" (12Wt RMS)
Satellites 50 x 90 ㎜ full range (5 Wt RMS)
Total output power 22 Wt RMs
Controls on subwoofer On/Off, Volume control, bass
Compatibility Windows 7 / Vista / 2000 / XP
Total system power RMS 12 watts
Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz
Driver 2 x 2" full range + 2 x 2" tweeter
Control Master Volume, Bass Volume
Subwoofer 40 - 200 Hz
Satellites 200 - 20,000 Hz
Dimensions Subwoofer 176(W) x 263(H) x 213(D)㎜
Satellites 66(W) x 210(H) x 53(D)㎜
ZM-S400 Audio Cable User’s Manual